Tulipa Style LLC Fundraiser

Tulipa Style LLC has been doing Raffle Fundraising to raise funds for our Scholarship/Sponsorship Fund.  We have given away 4 Roundtrip Airfares and this will be our 5th.  This fundraiser allows us to continue to sponsor events that benefit the Hawaiian and Polynesian Cultures.  It also allows us to help Community Members who are Athletes, Musicians, Hula Practitioners, and more.

For the past four years we have been a GOLD SPONSOR for the Hōʻike Hawaiʻi Organization.  This organization brings awareness of Hawaiian and Polynesian Dance to Florida and the East Coast.  We have sponsored the organization a little over $2000.00 each year thanks to supporters of our Fundraising Projects as well as Special Donations made to our organization.

In 2018, we started our “Athletes” Sponsorships.  At our third quarter Bingo we presented a small sponsor donation to three athletes from the All Black Crusaders Youth Football Team.

We are also the proud sponsor of a Professional Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Fighter who is the current 135-LB World Champion Rodney Mondala.  We have sponsored him through 2-Fight Camps and will do so in his upcoming fight on November 17.

Please help us raise funds so that we can continue to do great things in our community and beyond!  Any help would be greatly appreciated! Visit: http://www.tulipaohana.org/products


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