Kumu Hula


Kumu Hula Leatonaugaatuitoga Sialiʻinofo Savini was born and raised in Waiʻanae, Oʻahu.  He is the eldest child of Nofo and Moki Savini,   He is the older brother of Oha and Jaz.  Kumu always jokes that he was singing, chanting, and dancing while in his moms womb.  He was able to hold a tune to a Hawaiian song from the age of two and was actively involved with family entertainment events from the age of 3.

Kumu Leato credits a lot of his early Hula and Polynesian Dance knowledge to his late Grandma, for whom the hālau is named after, Tulipa.  He also credits his mom and Aunty Pualani Gaspar for some of his hula knowledge and his dad for his music knowledge.  At the age of 10 he met his current Kumu, Kuahiwi Moniz-Tran, whom he still works closely with today.  Throughout his life he also learned from the late Kumu Kaulana Kasparovich and Noenoelani Zuttermeister.  He is also the cousin of the late famous Kumu Hula and Musician OʻBrien Eselu.

In 2004, Kumu Leato founded Hālau Na Mamo O Tulipa in Hawaiʻi.  In 2006, Alakaʻi Kawahine Sekiya along side Kumu Leato opened the Japan Branch in Yoyogi, Shibuyaku.  Today in Japan they have students far and wide across Japan.  There are 2 satellite locations in Iwaki and Hachinohe.  In 2008, Alakaʻi and Aunty Mailani and Kumu Leato opened in Chesapeake, Virginia,  In 2022, the Virginia Branch merged with ʻOhana Hālau formerly known as Hālau Kāhealani under the Nā Mamo O Tulipa name for Hula and Hawaiian.  Kumu Leato named the Tahitian and Entertainment company in Virginia as TE ʻORI O KEONE TIʻA MAI.  This company is owned by Tricia Orpilla, the Director of the Virginia location.